Nayax Reader Settings for MAXIMUM Profits!

Nayax Reader Settings for MAXIMUM Profits!

Hello Fellow Mini Claw Vendors!
We found new settings that have been Tested and PROVED to bring in MORE MONEY!

So Nayax Units come with 4 different Vend Amounts on them from the Factory.  $1, $3, $5, and $10. 

Its simple... $3,$5,$10,$20.  And adding Bonus Plays to each.

We offer 10 EXTRA Plays at $20!!!  We find that when someone spends the $20, they are usually going DIRECTLY for the MEGA Prizes in our locker boxes. and the win ratio is about 4-7 products for $20 spend

This is a Weekly Occurence at Multiple Locations

In the Nayax Core app:
Operations >> Machines >> Search >> Select Machine >> General >> Pulse/cc Talk

Enjoy!! Please share this article if it was helpful!

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