This One Location can bring us over $20,000 PROFITS! ($40k/year location)

This One Location can bring us over $20,000 PROFITS! ($40k/year location)

How we secured this location is just pure luck!  Right place at the right time.  "Luck is a by product of hard work"

We were waiting for our KBBQ Spot to open so we could service a machine, in the meantime we went next door to a boba shop and ordered a drink. 

Started making cold calls while waiting and got about 20 No's from owners.

Later on we get a call back from a business owner who overheard a conversation we had while cold calling... next thing you know, we are placing machines in our #1 performing location...this location will make over $2k gross per month...

The Numbers:

Total for January 2024: $2118
Cost of goods (15%) -317.70
Commissions (20%)  -$423.60
Operations (10%) -$212

Total Profit: $1165.30

We expect this location to roughly bring in $14000 to $25000 in Profit for the year.

The Customer Profile:
1.) Middle Income
2.) Family Oriented
3.) Tons of Children

The Machine Setup:
1.) We chose to go with 2 Megaminis
2.) Side by side with Nayax Card readers.
3.) $1.00 per play
4.) Nayax Settings $3 minimum, $3,$5,$10,$20 (Ask Nayax to use the Toybox Settings if you want to copy our settings)

Inventory Setup:
1.) Machine #1 - Mix plush with This layout of Expensive and Cheap items.

2.) Machine #2 - BTS/Sanrio/Cute Pink purses

The Results of these 2 machines speak for themselves!

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That’s a huge victory! Congrats! Ide rather have 10 locations making 1000 a month. Cuts off mileage, wear and tear on vehicle, less dealing with more owners, less confusion. Easier to properly plan.

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