1200% ROI Plush - Trade Secret

1200% ROI Plush - Trade Secret

You will not believe this!! We refilled this machine at a popular boba shop and replaced the Megaprize with a 1200% ROI Plush!! It Generated $100+ Today and its STILL THERE!!

This Plush only cost $6 and it was well worth it!!
Just Look at the VENDS TODAY!

Over $100+ Within 30 minutes

...You ready for it??

A few points
1.) Its near a college campus
2.) Very Popular boba shop
3.) Its a MEME that college students use ALL THE TIME

Here you go!  Find these on Ebay/Alibaba...etc

Its the "Everything is Fine" Dog!!

We used him as a MEGA Prize in a mini claw machine and 2 groups of college students went CRAZY over it!  "Thanks Financial aide money"

Thanks for reading Toybox Family!

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